Rain is an oil painter’s worst nightmare. Thank goodness, I have a copious supply of plastic sheeting around for desperate moments such as this. 

"Hybrid" (seen here and here) will be shown again today as part of the TRANS* Art Exhibit in honor of TRANS*/GENDER Awareness Week. Some of my sketchbooks will also be part of the exhibition. The exhibition will feature work created by transgender, genderqueer, non-binary and other trans* individuals. The show will be held at CSUN’s Northridge Center, located in the USU (University Student Union) Center, from 3-5pm. As always, it is open to all ages and all genders, as well as to individuals who are not CSUN students. The closest parking is the G3 lot (a structure is also accessible), located on Zelzah & Prairie. $6.00 daily.

I hope you can stop by — even for a short while — to see the experiences and hear the voices of a community who is otherwise silenced and made to look nonexistent. 

That aside, this is my 501st post on this blog. Thank you friends and followers who stick by me through and through. I appreciate all of your support. Have a fantastic day!


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